Why Choose PostFlow.io?

Target Your Customers

Get content tailored to any segment of your customer base. You control the keywords and tone of the content we create. Focus on defining your customer, we'll write the Social Media content.

Set Your Own Price

Each time you order from our writers you can set the price per post (minimum of $0.25/post). Our writers submit posts and you decide if the quality and content matches your need.

Only Pay for Content You Use

Approve what you like, reject any thing you don’t. Only pay for the content you approve. Rejected submissions are returned to your account balance, or requeued for new post submissions.

A PostFlow.io Process

You need content for your Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus account. We provide a platform where you to receive high-quality content focused on reaching your customer.

  • Target Customers through Keywords
  • Set Your Own Price
  • Approve and Reject Submissions
  • Describe the Tone You Want to Convey
  • Select the Number of Posts
  • Send the Approved Posts to Buffer for posting, or download them for future use.

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